Searching Hashtags

Source: Photo from Main Page is a useful website for Twitter or Twitter users to search topics that have been “hashtagged.”

What is a #hashtag?
“A user-created standard for identifying tweets belonging to a topic. Simply include the tag in your tweet and other people searching for the same tag will be able to find it.”
Source: is a useful website for many reasons.  You can create groups, event pages, content pages, or find information on any topic.  If it has been tweeted with a hashtag, that topic can be searched.

With this website, you can search any topic you choose.  It can be sports, hobbies, movies, and just about anything else!  If anyone has written the phrase with a hashtag (#) it is now a Twub.

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Organizational Layout and Revenue Contribution for Apple, Inc.

Apple Store

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Organizational Chart
An organizational chart, also called an org chart, is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization.  The chart also shows relationships between different divisions in an organization and the ranks of the divisions.


Below is an organizational chart of Apple, Inc. and the revenue generated from the divisions within the company in 2010.

The divisions and their contributions include:
1.  iPhone Related Products – $25,179,000,000
2.  Macintosh Sales – $17,479,000,000
3.  iPod – $8,274,000,000
4.  iPad & Related Products – $4,958,000,000
5.  Other Music Related Products – $4,948,000,000
6.   Software Service – $2,573,000,000
7.  Peripheral & Hardware – $1,814,000,000
Total Revenues for 2010 was $65,225,000,000

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Source: Disclosure from LexisNexis


Revenue Contribution

The organizational chart above showed the revenue contributions for each segment of Apple, Inc.  Below is a pie chart of the same information, but shown as a percentage of Apple’s total revenue for 2010.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Source: Disclosure from LexisNexis

As you can see from the graph, iPhone Related Products (38.6%) and Macintosh Sales (26.8%) make up the majority of revenue generated for Apple, Inc.

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